Inviting Proposals to write textbooks for UG/PG in Agriculture/Horticulture/Agroforestry/Agri Engg/ Veterinary/Fisheries

The State Agricultural Universities every year admit thousands of students in different streams of agriculture in UG/PG courses.  Quality textbooks are always in demand and there is a big gap in demand and supply of standard textbooks. The onus lies on the National Agricultural Research and Education System to bridge this gap. Titles and contents have been developed for the relevant course books and interested authors are invited to write the same.

No closing date for submission of offer, the only limitation is the availability of a title, i.e., it has not already been allotted to some other author.

  • The invitation is open to academicians from all the branches of agriculture and allied sciences, viz. botany/zoology/nanotechnology etc., and those who  are interested in writing textbooks,  keeping in view the Indian context.  
  • The list of UG/PG titles is given; before submitting the proposal check the availability of the title from the editor (editorbooks1@gmail.com).
  • The Council wants to have all the titles published as soon as possible.
  • The textbook can be in English or Hindi.
  • Course content is as per Deans’ Committee; additional information is welcome; syllabus of different universities can also be amalgamated before finalizing the content page.
  • Consult author guidelines for submitting the manuscript

Details :

Send proposals to:

Email: editorbooks1@gmail.com